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"Robin Sale has done a masterful job of weaving positive imagery for trusting pregnancy and birth with yoga instruction. The result is that women feel calmer and more confident for labor."
- Lanna Larsh MD.





Let the Whole Birth Yoga Audio tape and CD guide you through a wonderfully relaxing and rejuvenating hour of yoga and meditation especially designed for pregnancy. You will learn to use the innate wisdom of your body and mind to enjoy greater comfort and ease throughout your pregnancy and to meet the intensity of labor with a calm awareness. Guided imagery for cultivating a deeper trust in your body's ability to bring forth life is interspersed throughout the yoga instructions. Included with the tape is a poster of 36 beautiful photographs demonstrating the yoga postures.


Reviews of Whole Birth Yoga! Thank you!

Very nice!
Reviewer: Oana
Very enjoyable and useful CD and poster. Nice choice of postures, calming voice, good message. I recommend it!

Great Prenatal yoga cd, with a lot of insight to giving birth.
Reviewer: Summer
The prenatal yoga CD, has a lot of insight about pregnancy and birth. The yoga practiced on the CD will strength and tone your body gently through pregnancy.

Calming, gentle way to prepare for birth
Reviewer: Judy O'Connor RN CPCE
I play this CD as my class members enter on the second class of the series. Their comments are always positive. As a Lamaze Instructor, I want to provide a broad base of skills and approaches allowing each expectant mother to choose what is best for her. Robin's CD leads women to enroll in local yoga classes.

Excellent way to prepare for birth and the challenges of new motherhood
Reviewer: Sheila Watkins
As a pre and postnatal fitness instructor (and relatively new to yoga), I am always looking for new ways to help my students prepare their minds and bodies for birth and beyond. Robin's CD will definitely help mom strengthen the muscles used in birth as well as bond with her baby. I loved this CD. She almost had me believing that I was pregnant again.

Relaxing way to perpare for birth
Reviewer: A Britton
I've done the yoga poses on this CD about 4-5 times now. Robin Sale has a soothing gentle voice. The introduction is about 3-4 minutes, then the workout is another ~55 minutes. The surprising thing- there is no music! So I play a soothing classical CD in another player while Robin talks me through. Most of the poses emphasize relaxation and flexibility with a few strength and balance poses. Positive affirmations of pregnancy and birth are woven throughout. Enjoyable and relaxing.

Wonderful for all levels of fitness and stages of pregnancy
Reviewer: Elisabeth Pett
This is a wonderful yoga session. I haven't done yoga in over 5 years, but this was very easy to get into, and leaves me a lot of room for growth. It is easy to follow, and just the thing any pregnant woman needs to maintain balance physically and mentally.

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