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New Parent and Baby Yoga
and Support Classes

"As a new mom my days are so filled with conflicting demands. I love this class because it gives me a time to be completely present with myself and my baby when I'm not thinking about all the errands or the dishes that need doing."
- Jennifer, mother of two

The Whole Birth Postpartum Class welcomes you on the other side of birth. A fun and relaxing time to celebrate and commiserate, move, stretch, dance and sing with the baby. Lots of support, swapping stories and sharing the amazing creative genius that mothers embody as they learn the tricks of the trade - (making them up as they go along, of course!)

Yoga and Movement for:

  • recuperation and toning after birth
  • strengthening and stretching upper body for nursing, lifting and carrying baby
  • mind/body integration, joy and stress reduction.

Discussions and support for:

  • mindful parenting
  • baby care
  • infant massage
  • adjusting to your new life
  • community and resources

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