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Whole Birth® Counseling and Hypnotherapy for the Childbearing Year

“I recommend this work to any woman seeking to birth consciously. I’ve been pleased with how Robin has assisted my patients in this way.”
- Debra Bronstein, M.D.

The issues that arise with pregnancy provide a unique opportunity for acquiring new insights and developing skills that can enrich your birth and parenting experience.

As you await the arrival of your baby you may be filled with so many diverse feelings, from joyous anticipation to fearful concerns. The goal of my counseling work is to assist you to identify your strengths and resolve concerns you may have regarding the birth of your baby and your new life as a parent.

Medical research clearly shows how unresolved fears and anxiety can disrupt the smooth flow of labor, slowing it down and making it more painful. Discussing your concerns in the positive context of Whole Birth prenatal counseling can free you to move towards birth with increased confidence and relaxation.

Prenatal Counseling and Hypnotherapy can help you:

  • Overcome anticipatory fears of labor, birth and parenting
  • Deepen prenatal bonding
  • Reduce stresses that can negatively impact labor and birth
  • Find your own individual style for coping with the pain of labor
  • Resolve issues of motherhood and family-making
  • Discover the tools to awaken your intuitive birthing wisdom

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